•        Heritage Hawks

                             Web Site Information

pages                    information

blog            this is where i post the latest news that happend in school that day

contact Info     this is wher you can find emails and school phone number

games           quick games

quran             the holy quran is on there

hertige disney  this is disney channel it is basically games

ilike to learn         this is a website where you can quiz your self on diffrent maps

book test           it is like the AR porgram in our school but you have to sign up and the company will reward you when you get to a certain book 

homework help   this basically helps you with your homework mostly science

math help            this helps you on aljebra and geomatry

student request page               students can request somthing and then we will take it to the office

football team info                    this is where we post our school upcoming football team updates

images/media                  this is where images will be going



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